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Same great internet marketing value, with a new name!
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About Pam Blizzard.

– a mother, wife, Lady, and internet marketing strategist who is enthusiastic about helping small to medium sized businesses get more sales.  I enjoy creating long-lasting relationships with my clients so we can both grow
Since 1997 I've created internet marketing strategies and tactics that have helped my clients grow their business, reach more customers and make more sales.

* Update: In 2016 I re-branded to Center Nexus, LLC. Center Nexus more accurately reflects how I put your ideal target customer, and the center connection of all your marketing efforts. I added deep-dive Discovery into the business process, the market competition and the ideal customer profile, so that all marketing efforts could be more finely targeted to that customer, in their own voice. My existing clients raved about Discovery and my new clients love it as well. I also love what I do even more now because of Discovery. I learn more about my client, and the "Why" of what they do. I learn about their customers. And I create better solutions because of Discovery - informed by Discovery, the Solutions are highly focused and more targeted. I get to share , "Light Bulb" moments and I love that look on my client's face when they learn something new about their own business. Tote's awesome.

Yes, I'm too old to say that. It's tote's awesome that I do anyway 🙂
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More about Pam Blizzard

I started my technology career in 1987 and have done just about everything there is to do in the corporate IT environment. I've built, configured and installed networked  computers for an Atlantic City resort and gaming giant.

While help desk administrator, myself and a team of 2 other energetic women brought internet connectivity to a large health care organization for the first time with the help of a grant from the NIH (and we won awards for speed from Thomas Edison State College while doing so.)

While working for an infamous jeans and clothing manufacturer, (I also met my dear husband there, great story) I flew to Singapore (lost my luggage on that trip, another great story)  Hong Kong and Istanbul to teach associates how to use specialized software that was created under my project management.  I managed a Computer Operations department for a large Midwestern hospital.  Most recently, I was privileged to be in a position to create interactive and fun multimedia e-Learning for an Insurance and Financial Services organization.

While all that was happening, I started building websites in 1997, in HTML. I learned PHP and MySQL so I could gain more control over those sites. I learned Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Captivate and on to Flash and video using Premier and After Effects. More fun than one person should be allowed to have, but I had it. Then in 2006, I started playing with WordPress and it played back with me. WordPress grew in functionality through the months and years, and so did I. I converted my first Dreamweaver-php-ish site to WordPress in 2007 and the rest is history.

I've been blessed with some great jobs, valuable experience and even survived "team based" flat environments where we got to manage ourselves (woot!) I've seen what works, and what doesn't in software development and implementation. I now believe strongly in an Agile approach to development. I network with some of the best minds in the internet marketing industry.

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